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Trevor Stephenson
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Trevor Stephenson has degrees in piano performance from the University of Missouri and the University of Illinois; he received a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Historical Performance of Eighteenth-Century Music from Cornell University. In 1990 he moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where, with Norman Sheppard, he has rebuilt and customized a series of historical keyboard instruments ranging from Italian Renaissance harpsichords to Victorian pianos. With these instruments he gives concerts and lectures throughout the United States. In 2003 he founded the Madison Bach Musicians and currently serves as artistic director. Since 1994 he has released ten recordings on the Light & Shadow label.

Recordings by Trevor Stephenson
Mozart, Music for Solo Keyboard: 18th-C. Fortepiano
Music of Chopin: English Piano of the 1840's
Debussy, Brahms, Bartók & Foster: 1873 Piano
Harpsichord Music of the Italian Renaissance
Haydn & Mozart: 18th-C. Fortepiano
Christmas: 1850 English Piano, 1679 Flemish Harpsichord
Debussy: 1873 English Concert Grand Piano
Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier, I: Flemish Harpsichord
The Americans: Joplin, Foster, Ives & Others: 1850 Piano
Bach, The Six French Suites: Flemish Harpsichord

Audio Samples: Suite in G major, BWV 816, Gigue 2.mp3

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