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Ensemble Draca – Sunday, August 12 at 4 pm

Ensemble Draca

Katina Mitchell, soprano & baroque triple harp; Alexa Haynes-Pilon, viol; Arthur Omura, harpsichord; Catherine Stiles, baroque triple harp

John Dowland Come Again; Can She Excuse; Now oh now (frog’s galliard
Tobias Hume Captain Hume’s Pavan
Diego Ortiz Recercada Quinta
Jan Sweelinck Unter der Linden Grüne
Tarquinio Merula Nanna
Barbara Strozzi L’ereclito amoroso and Non pavento io
Plus selected French airs de cour by Lambert and Charpentier, and original arrangements of Scottish and American folk songs and dances

Ensemble Draca performs a program showcasing songs through the centuries and across the world, featuring song repertoire from Renaissance England, the French baroque court, early baroque Italy, the Scottish folk tradition, and American folk songs in original arrangements. Through these creative arrangements including different historical harps, harmonium, harpsichord, and viols, you’ll hear old songs in a new way.

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