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Koto Ensemble Lantana

The World Premiere of Night Procession of the Hundred Demons by Hyo-shin Na; Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla; Kareno kinuta by Tadao Sawai; Malvina by Christian Wolff; Song of Dissilusionment by Hyo-shin Na; Twining voices for Illz+ by Yuji Takahashi; Dreaming of Li-Po by Boudewijn BuckinxKoto ensemble Lantana is an exciting new performance unit with a fresh approach to the Japanese koto and sangen (three-string). All of the members are associated with the Sawai Koto Institute of Tokyo. Founded in 1979 by Tadao Sawai and Kazue Sawai, this organization is recognized for its unique artistry and emphasis placed on contemporary music for the koto. Members all have strong training in traditional koto methods, unique experiences in the US, Japan and Thailand, and perform solo, with ensembles and in collaborations with various musicians and artists. The featured work on both concerts, Hyo-shin Nas Night Procession of the Hundred Demons is based on an 18th century scroll of the same title by the Japanese painter Toriyama Sekien. During the piece, the koto players will sing a text which was written by the Kabuki actor Tomoemon.