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Mobius Trio – Friday, March 29 at 8 pm

Mobius Trio

Echo Chamber

Robert Nance, Mason Fish, Matthew Holmes-Linder, guitars

Ryan Brown Possible Relatives World Premiere
Ian Dicke Hit Subscribe World Premiere
Robert Nance Plexus Premiere of multimedia version with visuals by Robby Gilson

Echo Chamber is a collaborative, multimedia exploration of isolation, society, technology, and the various interrelationships between the three. The program, comprised of pieces by composers Ryan Brown, Ian Dicke, and Mobius Trio’s Robert Nance, supplements the Trio’s usual instrumentation of three guitars (electric, in this case) with video projections, interactive electronic media, and other multimedia elements.

Ryan Brown’s Possible Relatives is inspired by a photography project of the same name by Danish artist Tina Enghoff, the title of which comes from a Copenhagen newspaper listing recently deceased residents for whom no living relative can be found. The photos “document a part of human life that few are witness to—death in the shape of traces left by people who have passed away alone.” Brown’s music plays off the mood and concept of Possible Relatives, with Enghoff’s pictures projected throughout the work, forming a background to the trio.

Ian Dicke’s Hit Subscribe explores the ramifications of insta-culture, particularly the prevalence of selfie photography and how it relates to loneliness and control. While Dicke’s musical score explores aspects of instant gratification, editing, and the relationship between reality and representation, live video loops (containing video and audio) of the ensemble will be captured and processed. The resequencing of these short clips will recontextualize the original manner in which they were taken and perhaps shed a more truthful light on their subjects.

Robert Nance’s Plexus serves as a soundtrack to the interconnectedness of personal relationships. The piece’s relentless driving pattern forces each performer – or thread – on a journey causing the threads to move tightly in unison, weave, tangle, unwind, and repeat over and over until the becoming too tightly wound and then must be unraveled slowly, methodically, and deliberately. Plexus will be accompanied by projected visuals created for the piece by artist Robby Gilson.

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