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San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra

What is reality? Sentient beings clamoring for existence, the wind whistling through leafy vegetation, the silence and noise of this stony planet. Come along on musical safari with the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra in Animal, Vegetable, Mineral — a tour of the Earths scenic and sonic wonders.Mark Alburger’s Animal Farm: Grand Zoological Fantasy-Variations is a dark, Orwellian spin on creatures great and small, including a visual presentation of surrealistically-altered YouTube videos. In biological distinction, Jones will offer Banyan: an aural giving-tree of multicultural musical delights. Answering this will be a revival of Rileys celebrated minimalist-improvisatory anthem In C, in all of its crystalline and granitic splendor. Also along for the journey are Michael Cookes deeply-felt Love Letters; Lisa Scola Proseks vibrant Piano Sonata; a retrospective work of the late, great Jorge Liderman. John Kendall Bailey will join Alburger in the zoomusicological tour-guiding responsibilities. For more information visit