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San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra – June 7, 2014

San Francisco and World Premieres of works by Roberto Becheri, John Beeman, Harry Bernstein, Michael Cooke, Philip Freihofner, Brian Holmes, Martha Stoddard, and Erling Wold.3-2-1-Liftoff to places near and far as San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra travels Across Time and Space. Featured otherworldly travelers include Roberto Becheri, offering Bridges, which evokes the past and present of Florence’s Ponte Vecchio and the Golden Gate Bridge. John Beeman will then have us traveling back in time to the last Native American, previously untouched by Western Civilization, as Ishi Emerges. Also showcased will be the atmospheric Two Songs for Tenor and Orchestra, by Brian Holmes, and two soaring string works graced by bass clarinet and flute, respectively from Harry Bernstein and Martha Stoddard. The program is rounded out by new celestial works of Michael Cooke, Philip Freihofner, and Erling Wold.

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