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Sqwonk & The Living Earth Show

Amit Gilutz Walking ManKen Thomson UndoJonathan Russell Bass Clarinet Double ConcertoKen Ueno WattDamon Waitkus The North Pacific Garbage Patch (Premiere)Jonathan Russell new work (Premiere)Two high-energy, completely unique duos will be spotlighted on this concert. The Living Earth Show performs commissioned compositions for guitar and percussion that draw on its members diverse musical backgrounds performing rock, Celtic, jazz, and Polynesian music. Sqwonk is a dynamic and adventurous bass clarinet duo devoted to exploring the full expressive range of the bass clarinet, from deep resonances to raucous wails. While grounded in the classical tradition, Sqwonks music draws on a wide range of influences, from klezmer to heavy metal to blues to minimalism to free improvisation, creating a repertoire that is strikingly contemporary, yet broadly accessible to a wide audience. /