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Tangonero – March 13, 2016


Alex Roitman, bandoneon; Amy Zanrosso, piano; Michèle Walther, violin; Richard Duke, acoustic bass
featuring Argentine vocalist
Claudio Ortega

Tangonero brings the intensity and passion of Argentine Tango to the concert hall. Four musicians and a vocalist take the audience through the broad scope of tango in this exciting performance. Tangonero will perform Argentine tango—music that fuses intense passion with quiet tenderness, alternating percussive rhythms with nostalgic melodies—from traditional Tango to Golden Age to Astor Piazzolla’s Tango Nuevo. Tangonero was founded in 2008 in San Francisco. The group was soon a regular fixture in the Northern California tango scene, performing classic tangos at milongas all over the Bay Area. They released their first album La Yumba in 2009, and their second album Mala Junta in September 2015. Tangonero has performed at many of the premiere tango venues on the West Coast. The band has also written, produced and performed three stage shows in collaboration with Argentine vocalist Claudio Ortega as well as with dancers. In the summer of 2012 Tangonero toured the East coast, performing in Boston, Washington DC, and New York City where they shared the stage with the phenomenal tango bassist and Grammy Nominee Pablo Aslan.

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