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William Wellborn

Sonata No. 20 in C minor and Sonata No. 52 in E-flat major by Haydn; Rondo Capriccioso; Capriccio in B-flat minor, Op. 33, No. 3; Fantasy in F-sharp Minor, Op. 28 ‘Sonata ecossaise and selections from Songs Without Words and Klavierstücke by Mendelssohn.Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Haydns death and of Mendelssohns birth, acclaimed pianist William Wellborn performs a collection of their works. From the Sturm und Drang of Haydns Sonata No. 20 in C minor to the lyricism of Mendelssohns Lieder ohne Worte, the works presented this afternoon will cover the broad range of styles that have made both composers widely influential and beloved, both in their won days and in ours.