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Wooden Fish Ensemble – Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 4 pm

Wooden Fish Ensemble

Thomas Schultz, piano; Shoko Hikage, koto/bass koto; Hyunjung Choi, violin; Ilana Blumberg Thomas, violin.

San Francisco’s Wooden Fish Ensemble presents concerts of music and musicians from a variety of cultural and national backgrounds, working together in a collaborative way. Wooden Fish: a fish with eyes always open—the possibility, the ideal of being always alert. Another possibility perhaps more natural to us: to be “disorganized”, with no leader, no director, no hierarchy, but with a malleability of people, direction, sound, listening. This performances features music of Hyo-shin Na, including two World Premieres, along with music by the Belgian post-modernist Boudewijn Buckinx, and selections from the Japanese traditional music repertoire. The ensemble for this stimulating program of music for koto, violin, and piano is an international group from Korea, Japan and the U.S.

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