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Yee Duo

Giuseppe Tartini Devil’s Trill SonataJohn Biggs Dialogue for violin and piano Sergei Prokofiev Sonata in F minor, Op. 80Astor Piazzolla Le Grand TangoViolinist Thomas Yee and pianist Jieun Yee, a husband and wife pair began performing with each other with the desire to share music and life with each other, and the collaboration has blossoming ever since. Known as the Yee Duo, they create a perfect union of balance between as a recital duo where the pair explores different classical styles including Classical, Baroque, Romantic, and New Music. The mission of the Duo is to share our love of classical music, with a vision of creating music that will excite, inspire, and communicate positively with everyone. The duo, like any chamber ensemble intends to search for projects that allow us to perform and also collaborate with musicians, expanding our community.