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Concert program for San Francisco Yiddish Combo

Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 7 pm

Download a copy of the program here.

San Francisco Yiddish Combo

Rebecca Roudman, cello; Jason Eckl, guitar; Alex Farrell, bass; Josh Mellinger, percussion


Der Onheyb

Der Heyser Bulgar

Bessarabian Girl


Ahava Rabbah

Bei Mir Bist du Schoen


The Basso

Klezmer Heritage Concert





Romanian Train Song

About San Francisco Yiddish Combo

The San Francisco Yiddish Combo (SFYC)  was formed by accident when a love of Klezmer music collided with their collective backgrounds in every genre except Klezmer. Now the SFYC is embarked on a journey around the world to present their own unique blend of everything that is Klezmer, mixed with years of experience in the jazz, blues, folk, and even hip hop world.

Made up of classically trained musicians who enjoy stretching musical boundaries, the SFYC is led by cellist Rebecca Roudman who has fronted groups all over the world bringing her virtuosic and fiery playing to stages from China to Italy and beyond. Check out the SFYC for a fresh spin on Klezmer with plenty of recognizable nods to an eclectic mix of genres. Oh yeah, and great for dancing!