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Cascada de Flores: quintet – October 30, 2015

A Musical Altar for our Muertos
Cascada de Flores: quintet

Arwen Lawrence, voice & dance; Jorge Liceaga, voice & lead guitars; Marco Diaz, piano & trumpet; Saúl Sierra-Alonso, bass; Kyla Danysh, violin

Cascada de Flores celebrates love, life, and music, inspired by the troubadours of Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and beyond, with an evening of song, strings, zapateado and heart. A musical altar will be played, singing for loved ones and inspiring cultural icons that have passed: Sones from different regions of Mexico, danzones, waltzes, boleros, guarachas and a few compositions using these traditional forms. SING OUT! Magazine has called their performances “a dream from which you have no desire to return. You learn the roots while listening to experts play music they clearly love. The result is rich, delicate, and lovely.” For more information please visit