Donate to Old First Concerts

Donate to Old First Concerts

Become our partner in presenting great music in San Francisco!

Yes! I would like to donate to Old First Concerts.

Donation levels:
Friends of Old First Concerts (up to $99)
Enthusiastic Applause ($100-$249)
Standing Ovation ($250-$499)
Encore Performance ($500-$999)
Bravissimo! ($1,000 and up)

Over 50 amazing concerts each year!  Old First Concerts brings you the finest local professional musicians playing important music that you can’t hear anywhere else: Piano concerts, Chamber music, World music and Holiday choirs and ensembles.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (tax ID #94-2898233), we are committed to serving the community by offering $5 tickets to low-income seniors and students.  Your tax-deductible donation ensures that San Francisco will always have a special place for local musicians to engage audiences with new music and breathtaking performances.

Contribute today and become our partner in great music!  Donate $101 as part of our 101×101 campaign or choose your own amount – all gifts are greatly appreciated.

If you would prefer to mail a check, please send it to:
Old First Concerts
1751 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Current Donors

Bravissimo! ($1000 and up)

Anonymous (2)
Christopher and Cindy Burt
Claudine Cheng
Mary Culp
Thomas Culp & Charles Wagner
Philip & Elayne Dauber
Daniel Joraanstad & Bob Hermann Faith in the Future Fund
Walter Kennedy
Donna Kline
Jeffrey Marque
Barbara Marré
Darren & Cathy Presher
James Riggs
William Rudiak
James T. Smith
Joanne Winetzki
Mike Tekulsky & Ron Wong
Randal Wong & Jamila Champsi

Encore Performance ($500 – $999)

Anonymous (2)
Erika Bodo
Paul Duffey
Jeanne Kirkwood
Joan B. O’Connor
Lynne Ogata
Stephen & Sarah Taber
Paul Upham
Brett Waxdeck
Susan Worts
George & Priscilla Yu

Standing Ovation ($250 – $499)

Anonymous (2)
Jean Ahn
George Becker
Roland & Lois Feller
Burt Greenberg & Jim Clavin
Edward & Patricia Hymson
Betty Meissner
John Stedman
Ann Stone

Friends of Old First Concerts

Ralph Beren
Hal Christiansen
John Diamante
Maggi Henderson
John Gosselin
Joan Intrator
Sarah McCuskey
Alan & Hitomi Onizuka
Stephani Phipps
Becky A. Reed
Mary Russell
Kathleen Smith
Katie Struble
Stephanie Winters
Jessica Bodo Wise

Enthusiastic Applause ($100 – $249)

B. Amoroso
Christine Beckstrom
Miriam Blatt
Katherine & Michael Boeninghausen – in honor of Joyce Frankenburg
Howard Bomze
Bill & Marilyn Campbell
Herrick Carver
Joseph Charpentier
Donald Cohon
Homer Dalbey
Julia Erickson
Judith Ets-Hokin
David Featherstone
William Feister & Judith Ross
Patricia Ferrari
Rachel Fisher
Thomas Flaherty
Yuko Franklin and Club Glee
RT Freebairn-Smith
Robert Friedman Presents
Shoko Furuya & Christopher Kitting
Dr. & Mrs. E. C. Gaenslen
Rochelle Gatlin
William Grant
Elizabeth Greening
Helen & Michael Gross
David Hammer
Eleanor Hammer
Barbara Imbrie
Ron Jin
Sally Ketchum
Howard & Wendy Kleckner
Michael Korbholz
Marshall Krause
Will Leben
Mack & Meikui McCray
Henry Mahncke & Kimberly Tanner
Robert Maldonado
Jordan Moncharmont
Milton Mosk
Karen Mottola
Barbara Mow
Randall Murley
David Phillips
Phil Rettger
Linda Reyder
Joan Rost
James Robinson
Art Rothstein
Abby Rumsey
Sue Rupp
Bob and Terri Ryan
Donald Ryan
Jack Shoemaker
Leslie & Bob Stafford
Ted Teipel
Elizabeth Varnhagen
Robert & Martha Warnock
George Wiepert
Danielle & Gary Wohl
Keith Yamamoto
Norman Young