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Eighth California Andriasov Festival – Sunday, August 23 at 4 pm


Eighth California Andriasov Festival – Sunday, August 23 at 4 pm

Celebrating the music of celebrated father and son composers Iosif Andriasov and Arshak Andriasov. Shostakovich said of Iosif “When the entire world lost a sense of harmony (he) has not only not lost this sense, but added…a new quality.”

*General Admission: $25
*Seniors (65 and over): $20
Full time Student w/ID: $5
Kids under 12: FREE
*$2 discount when purchased online!


Eighth California Andriasov Festival

featuring Jupiter Chamber Ensemble – Victor Romasevich & Michael Jones, violins; Stephen Levintow, viola; Paul Rhodes, cello

with Scott Macomber, trumpet; Gabral Cruz, trombone; Marilyn Thompson & Lena Lubotsky, piano; Lawrence London, clarinet

Iosif Andriasov Concertino for Clarinet and Orchestra, Op. 27; Musical Sketch for Viola and String Orchestra, Op. 4a; Meditation for Trombone and Piano, Op. 30d; Passacaglia for Trumpet, Trombone, and Organ, Op. 22b; Concertino for Trumpet and Symphony Orchestra, Op. 14; Trio for Piano, Cello, and Violin, Op. 7; Spring for String Quartet, Op. 32 and String Quartet, Op. 1

Arshak Andriasov Piece for Trumpet and Piano, Op. 9b; an excerpt from Three Pieces for Trumpet and Piano, Op. 15a; selections from 16 Themes in 16 Minutes for Clarinet Solo, Op. 16 and Piece for String Quartet, Op. 7

Arthur Honneger Intrada for Trumpet and Piano


Dmitry Shostakovich said of composer Iosif Andriasov: “When the entire world lost a sense of harmony, composer Iosif Andriasov has not only not lost this sense, but added to harmony a new quality.” Continuing in his father’s footsteps, composer/pianist Arshak Andriasov’s music draws on a vast array of musical resources, ranging from Armenian folk music to Russian classical music, with certain elements of American jazz, while using means of contemporary language to create a complex system of juxtaposition. The Eighth California Andriasov Festival celebrates the music of both father and son with performances of their works, including several orchestral works by Iosif Andriasov in the composer’s own transcriptions for chamber ensemble. The performance also marks the first publication of quotes from Iosif Andriasov’s diary. For information about composer and philosopher Iosif Andriasov, his wife, musicologist Marta Andriasova, and their son, composer, conductor and pianist Arshak Andriasov, please visit