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Quinteto La Moderna – Friday, November 8 at 8 pm

Quinteto La Moderna

Tregar Otton, violin; Miguelito Martinez, flute; John Calloway, flute; Steve Senft-Herrera, bass; Michael Spiro, percussion

Quinteto La Moderna is the Bay Area’s first and only quintet dedicated to the Cuban musical style known as “charanga”. It features the flute and violin of Miguelito Martinez and Tregar Otton respectively, as they fashion strong melodic figures over the hard driving rhythm section of Bay Area Latin music stalwarts John Calloway, Steve Senft-Herrera and Michael Spiro. The repertoire ranges from the danzon to songo, from the cha-cha-cha to timba, and is the ideal group for both listening and dancing. In this special performance they will focus on the lyrical and timeless instrumental form of Cuban music known as the danzon, a style born in the late 19thcentury from the “French Trio” tradition of piano, flute and violin. Old First Concerts provides an ideal sonic environment for this intimate and expressive sound, and this is guaranteed to be a memorable evening of classic Cuban music.

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