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Terms and Conditions

All sales are final.

If a ticket for a concert has been purchased but you are unable to attend for any reason, the ticket may be used for any future concert at the discretion of Old First Concerts. Please contact us in advance of the purchased concert so we can properly adjust our attendance numbers.

In the rare event that a concert is cancelled by the artist, ticket purchasers may choose one of three options:

1. Use the ticket at another concert as described above.
2. Consider the purchase price a tax-deductible donation to Old First Concerts.
3. Receive a full refund.

If a concert is cancelled, you will receive an e-mail with this information and be asked to respond with your choice.

All persons who purchase tickets and attend concerts at Old First Concerts agree to the following statements:
I have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19
Neither I nor anyone in the same household knowingly has the COVID-19 virus
or has awareness of having been exposed to COVID-19.
I expressly agree to hold harmless and to indemnify Old First Presbyterian Church,
Old First Concerts and their respective officers and board members, for any and all
claims now or in the future, which may arise as a result of myself, or anyone in my family
or friendship networks who contract COVID-19 or any related virus due directly to or
due indirectly to attendance at this concert.