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A New Face of Japanese Koto Music in America

Tsubasa Ni Notte by Tadao Sawai; Ishi No Niwa by Hikaru Sawai; Haru No Umi (Spring Sea) by Michio Miyagi; Rokudan no Shirabe by Yatsuhashi Kengyo; Shaei (Reflections off a Prism) by Hikaru SawaiBrian Mitsuhiro Wong, a San Francisco Bay Area native, continues a brilliant legacy of koto performance that spans three generations and has roots in the internment camps of World War II. Adding an American perspective to the new movement of Japanese traditional instruments currently popular in the music scene of Japan, he will perform new koto music including two pieces by Hikaru Sawai, whose work as a former rock guitarist has inspired his work, a rarely performed work by Tadao Sawai, and jazz koto works with accompaniment.