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Ives Collective – Sunday, October 13 at 4 pm

Ives Collective

Hrabba Atladottir, violin; Susan Freier, violin/viola; Stephen Harrison, cello; Keisuke Nakagoshi, piano

Zoltán Kodály Intermezzo for String Trio (1905)
Erich Korngold Suite, Op. 23 (1930)
Peteris Vasks Piano Quartet (2001)

We imagine that nothing tests that trust more than encountering the completely unfamiliar. No doubt many of you will never have heard Erich Korngold’s Suite, Zoltán Kodály’s Intermezzo, or Peteris Vasks’ Piano Quartet (if you have heard of the wonderful Mr. Vasks at all!). What delights await you! If you love music, as we know you do, and in particular, you love the “concentrated nearness” of chamber music, these pieces will open your heart and reveal the beauty of nature. They yearn, plead and dance. Diving into these works enlightens us and broadens how we all see music, whether we are players or listeners.

The Ives Collective presents powerful live music experiences through fresh and informed interpretations of established masterworks and underappreciated gems. With core members and Artistic Co-Directors Susan Freier and Stephen Harrison, the Collective wants to share their joy in bringing together old friends and new in a variety of combinations to perform the widest possible spectrum of chamber music.