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Janet Packer & Anthony Padilla

Sonata in C minor, Op. 30, No. 2 by Beethoven; Fantasie by Schubert; Sonata for Violin and Piano by Irving FineTwo masterworks of the piano-violin repertoire form the pillars of this program. Completed within twenty-five years of each other, both Beethoven and Schubert barely over 30 at the time, each work displays the unique stylistic and temperamental qualities of its composer. Beethoven’s Sonata in C minor, Op. 30, No. 2 is a work of extreme contrasts; Schubert’s Fantasie is an exquisitely beautiful tour de force. Irving Fine’s Sonata for Violin and Piano of 1946 rounds out the program with its clear articulation, buoyant motives and rhythmically driving accentual patterns that acknowledges a debt to Beethoven while reminding today’s listener of the composer’s mentors: Stravinsky and Copland.