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Junior Bach Festival – March 22, 2015

The program will showcase some of the finest young musicians in Northern California perform magnificent compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach.Since 1953 the Junior Bach Festival’s annual public concerts have drawn audiences from all over Northern California to hear some of the area’s brightest young musicians perform masterpieces by the baroque era composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Recognizing that the intensive study and performance of Bach’s compositions is an essential part of every musician’s training, the nonprofit Junior Bach Festival Association holds annual workshops, professionally adjudicated auditions, and performances for young musicians. Those students who pass their auditions are invited to perform in concerts held around the date of Bachs birthday, March 21. The performers at Old First Concerts will have distinguished themselves in their auditions by demonstrating their technical, intellectual, stylistic, and emotional mastery of Bachs complex and dazzling music. The concert will showcase a variety of soloists and ensembles that play with youthful intensity and joy!

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