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Matt Renzi’s ‘Arm Sized Legging’ – Sunday April 23 at 4 pm

Matt Renzi, saxophone, oboe, English horn; Lucy Southern, violin; Helen Newby, cello; John Wiitala, bass; Hamir Atwal, drums

Arm Sized Legging is project consisting of woodwinds (saxophone, oboe, english horn), violin, cello, bass and drums, playing a repertoire of all original compositions. The music explores textures and colors as well as the various sonorities of the strings, woodwinds and drums combined together in a unique way. Although many parts are written out, there is also plenty of room for improvisation and the group makes use of free-form as well as traditional song forms to use as the basis of collective soloing. The addition of the violin and cello to the standard Jazz saxophone trio adds a contemporary classical flavor to the mix. “In 48 minutes of music, Matt Renzi says more than most sax players will say in a lifetime” (Blaine Fallis, All About Jazz).
Stephen Smoliar’s review

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