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San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra – October 4, 2014

Since their first concert in March 2002, the SFCCO has premiered more new and vital works than any other orchestra in the Bay Area. The orchestra is a diverse group of composer-performers who seek to embody the sound of new music in San Francisco through the performance of their own music. The result is an incredibly diverse offering of new music. In any one concert, the audience may hear styles ranging from the Neo-Romantic, Serial, Neo-Classical, Guided Improvisation, and Minimalist … just to name a few. So come for an evening of orchestral music that is full of surprises, including excerpts from the opera The Lariat by Lisa Scola Prosek, Front Line by Michael Kimbell, Railway Suite by Stardust, Raven and Panther by Loren Jones, plus others. For more information please visit