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Ultra World X-tet

Ultra World X-tet combines jazz, world, experimental and contemporary concert styles in a pioneering fusion of East and West for the 21st Century. The highlight of this concert will be the world premiere performance of a new work titled Magical Adventures of the Monkey King, inspired by Journey to the West, one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature. The piece was composed by Gary Schwantes and could be considered a “tone poem”, evoking the essence of the saga through the unique voice of the X-tet. As it follows the story of the Monkey King and the colorful group of Pilgrims on their perilous journey from the ancient Tang capital of Chang’an to India and then to the mystical conclusion, you will hear elements of traditional and modern Chinese music, jazz, western chamber music, Middle Eastern and Indian music as well as some wild experimental textures that call forth the magical aspects of the tale. The story is a fictionalized account of the legendary pilgrimage to India of the Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang who traveled along the Silk Road circa 627AD. This project made possible in part by support from the Zellerbach Family Foundation. Ultra World X-tet is a fiscally-sponsored affiliate of San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music.