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Wooden Fish Ensemble – April 3, 2016

Wooden Fish Ensemble with Sonnet Ensemble and guests

Thomas Schultz, piano; Hyunjung Choi, violin; Sonia Lee, harpsichord; Sue-mi Shin, Artistic Director of Sonnet Ensemble; Kyungso Park, kayageum; JiHye Lim, kayageum

Hyo-shin Na Song of the Bear (2015) World Premiere
Hyo-shin Na Invisible Door (2015) US Premiere
Traditional Korean Kayageum Sanjo
Arnold Schoenberg Piano Pieces, Op. 33a/b
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto, K. 415
Felix Mendelssohn String Symphony No. 4

San Francisco’s Wooden Fish Ensemble welcomes guest artists Hyunjung Choi, Sonia Lee, Kyungso Park, JiHye Lim, and the Sonnet Ensemble for a program of newly written works by Hyo-shin Na and classics by Mozart, Mendelssohn and Schoenberg. The Sonnet Ensemble will premiere Na’s new piece for string orchestra and kayageum solo, Song of the Bear. They will also perform Mendelssohn’s String Symphony No. 4 and Mozart’s Piano Concerto, K. 415 with Thomas Schultz as soloist. Schultz will also play Schoenberg’s masterful late works for piano solo, the Piano Pieces, Op. 33a and 33b. Completing the program will be the US Premiere of Na’s recent work for violin and harpsichord, Invisible Door, and traditional Korean music for kayageum solo.

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