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ZOFO duet presents

Toshimitsu Tanaka An ancient five-storied pagoda (1977)Arthur Honegger Pastorale dEté (1920)Masao Honma Sound Shift No. 4 (1988)Hermann Goetz Sonata, Op. 17 (1865)Dieter Ammann Regard sur les traditions (1995)Ryuichi Sakamoto Tong Poo (1978)This program features works from Japan and Switzerland—ZOFO duets countries of origin. The research for this program forced ZOFO members to go beyond their usual jokes about each other s home countries. It revealed that we are prouder and more sensitive about our native countries than we think. It brought up questions like: is there anything typical about Swiss or Japanese music, without getting into folkloristic clichés? Our research results in Sushi-Fondue, a program with a wide array of styles including pieces influenced by French impressionism, Japanese traditional music, German romanticism etc. What were most proud of? Dieter Ammanns chemical experiment Regard sur les traditions and Ryuichi Sakamotos electropop song Tong Poo.

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