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Duo Revirado

Mauro Giuliani Grande Serenade, Op. 82Celso Machado 2 ChorosAstor Piazzolla Fracanapa, Adios Nonino and LibertangoBeeri Moalem KinneretAntonio Carlos Jobim Girl from IpanemaKenny Dorham Blue BossaJoseph Kosma Autumn LeavesVittorio Monto CzardasIn 2005, violinist Thomas Yee and guitarist Jose Rodriguez teamed up to create Duo Revirado—a dynamic and unique ensemble that explores different styles and genres. Audiences experience music of a wide spectrum that includes extended techniques and improvisation. The mission of Duo Revirado is to branch out to a broader audience, with a vision of creating music that will excite, inspire, and communicate positively with everyone. The duo, like any chamber ensemble intends to search for projects that allow us to perform and also collaborate with musicians, expanding our community.