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Finisterra Piano Trio

Beethoven Piano Trio, Op. 70, No. 1 ‘GhostSelection of contemporary worksFounded by composers Garrett Shatzer and Juhi Bansal and ‘cellist Kevin Krentz, the New Lens Concert Series seeks to repair the rift between composers and audiences that occurred in the 20th century. With a radical redefinition of how a concert should be experienced, New Lens uses works by living and lesser-known composers of the past to recontextualize proven masterworks, all while concealing the identity of said works and composers from the audience. How might you hear works differently if you do not know whether they were written 100 years ago or last year? New Lens’s selection of contemporary pieces represents living composers whose aesthetics and goals align with those of their pre-rift counterparts, so the results may surprise you. The New Lens Concert Series is made possible in part due to the support of the Subito Grant Program of the American Composers Forum—San Francisco Bay Chapter.