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Ives Collective – April 24, 2016

Ives Collective
A Samuel Barber Celebration

Roy Malan, Susan Freier, violins; Evan Buttemer, viola; Stephen Harrison, cello; Laura Dahl, piano; Ken Goodson, baritone

Samuel Barber String Quartet, Op. 11; Cello Sonata, Op. 6; Dover Beach, Op. 3; Serenade for String Quartet, Op. 1; plus three songs: Rain Has Fallen, Sleep Now, and I Hear an Army.

Throughout his life, Barber remained the American Romantic, and his music has only gained in popularity since his death 35 years ago. Early on Barber thought he might become a singer. His aunt was a celebrated opera star, and he had a beautiful baritone voice. That vocal sympathy lives in all of his greatest music, from his Serenade, Op. 1 to the Adagio for Strings (from the op. 11 String Quartet). Our concert, performed by members of the Ives Collective, brings together astonishing chamber works of Barber’s youth, all written before he received the Prix de Rome at age 25.