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Jason Cutmore

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sonata in C major, K. 330Manuel de Falla selections from El amor brujoDéodat de Séverac Cerdaña (Cinq etudes pittoresque pour le piano)Isaac Albéniz Preludio and NavarraThis recital program offers audiences canonical favorites in the first half in contrast to the lesser-known works—sure to be happy discoveries for those hearing the Séverac and Albéniz for the first time—in the second half. Beginning with themes of typically Mozartian child-like innocence and joy, and culminating in Albénizs triumphant bombast, the programs emotional intensity builds towards the middle of the recital, reaching climaxes in de Falla’s suite of Andalusian dances El amor brujo, and Séveracs moving lament on the crucifixion in the fourth piece of Cerdaña.