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Potaje Ensemble

Con Alma, Mañana Nublada, Lunares, Tertulia, Boardilla, Hasta el Hierro se Funde, Puentes, Homenaje, ¡Ay, Qué me voy!, ¡Piénsatelo!, Y Ná Má by Chus AlonsoFounded by director / musician / composer Chus Alonso in 1992, Potaje is an ensemble dedicated to the creation of a unique form of contemporary musical experience rooted in Spanish flamenco and Latin styles and laced with jazz and Afro-Cuban influences. The group’s most striking innovation is the use of novel piano techniques developed expressly to replicate and replace the guitar’s traditional percussive voice in flamenco. This program of original Alonso compositions ranges from Cuban guaracha to Andalusian folk music to “transatlantic rumba.”