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The Pink Triangle Project

The Pink Triangle Project, a multi-national collaboration, will feature the world premiere of a new composition commemorating the homosexual victims of the Holocaust. Written by noted German composer Stefan Heucke, who will also attend the premiere, the work will feature Holocaust scholar and professional oboist Susan Eischeid, pianist Maila Gutierrez-Springfield, and the select mens chorus Clerestory. Canadian poet and author Gina Roitman, herself a child of survivors, will read a new poem written in memory of the Pink Triangle prisoners. The program will additionally feature the Bridge Players performing a string quartet by Czech composer Viktor Ullmann, who died in the Nazi camp of Theresienstadt, and Clerestory performing other works for mens chorus from the Holocaust period plus complimentary programming. The concert will be dedicated to the memory of those thousands of homosexual victims murdered by the Nazi regime and to the struggles still faced by many persons in our own society who continue to deal with issues of discrimination and prejudice, be it towards gender, sexual orientation, or simply for being different.

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